September 2016

King Edward’s Hall Committee – 28th September 2016

Minutes of the meeting held on 28th September 2016

Those present: Jane Larner (chair), Barry Whitlock (treasurer), Jessie Newitt (secretary), Cynthia Sherlock

Apologies: Sam Owen, Donnally Bettis, Anthea Hawkins

  1. Minutes of the last meeting.   Agreed.
  2. Action review.   Actions 1 and 2 carried forward.  Other actions completed.  
  3. Treasurer’s report.   The bank balance currently stands at £17,313.
    1. The risk assessment and asbestos survey have been completed and paid for.
  4. Events and bookings:
    1. 12th November 2016 Moscow Drug Club.  Tickets £18.00 including supper.  
    2. 24th December 2016 Elves and the Shoemaker.  £6.00/£12.00.
    3. 5th March  2017 Morgan and West magicians  (childrens show).  Tickets £5.00 children, £7.00 adults.  Refreshments to be offered for sale.
    4. April 2017 Comedy night
    5. Sept/Oct 2017 Safari Supper
  5. Marketing.  Facebook – carried forward as Sam was unable to attend.
  6. Extension.  New plans are being drawn.
  7. Maintenance.   Jane and Cynthia will conduct a survey of the PTA shed with a view to restoring it.  
  8. School update.   Nothing to report.
  9. Parish Council update:  Nothing to report.
  10. Any Other Business:
    1. Stephen Clarkson has resigned from the committee.  The committee thanked him for his contribution.

Date of next Meeting: no date set.

Summary of actions:

Carried forward:

  1. Sam to create a Facebook page.
  2. Donnally to investigate the possibility of a second evening exercise class.

New actions:

  1. Jane and Cynthia to conduct a survey of the PTA shed.

First Responders

The First Responders Group has disbanded due to a falling number of volunteers, which is a great shame as this was a (often literally) vital service our community provided for each other.

Community First Responders make a vital difference in their communities and save lives every day. With the demand for emergency ambulances increasing every year, the role of the CFR has never been more important.

20 people are needed to qualify for free training which might help you save someone you love and maintain an effective rota.

To find out more about the role of a community first responder click the link below or call 0800 587 0207

Community and Co-Responders



Harvest Supper

This year’s harvest supper will be at 7pm on 8th October at the King Edward’s Village Hall.

There will be a cash bar serving wine and beer – and if you can bring your own glass that would be great!

Tickets are £10 each (or £7.50 for over 60s / teens). There are lots of prizes to be won, too, so do get down to the shop to buy your ticket!