What is it?

The care group supports the four villages of East and West Tytherley, East Dean and Lockerley. It was formed in 1992 when it became apparent that some people were falling through the net of support previously provided by either social services or local family members.

Who’s involved?

There are seven co-ordinators whose names are printed in the monthly news letter and there are about 30 active volunteers who are able to carry out requests for help. Most requests involve taking people to appointments at hospitals. These are not easily accessible as the villages are on the borders of Hampshire and Wiltshire and the hospitals include Southampton, Romsey, Salisbury, Lymington, Basingstoke and Winchester. Volunteers are able to claim travelling expenses and clients are encouraged to make a donation to funds if they are able to do so. These donations, together with continued funding from the Hampshire Voluntary Care Groups mean that the group remains financially viable.

What Else Does the Group Do?

The group’s actions are not limited to transport and other services we can provide include:

  • Fitting telephone lifeline systems. This is done with the assistance from Help the Aged. It provides people with a reliable emergency call service and allows them to continue to live in their own homes. If they qualify for assistance the cost for the service can be as low as £1 per week.
  • Setting up a first aid course for volunteers.
  • Funding visits for pensioners to see professional theatre shows.
  • Supporting an over 60’s club and setting up a tea making rota for whist drives.
  • Sending flowers to those returning form hospital, the bereaved, mothers with new babies or simply to those who our grapevine tells us would welcome a show of support.
  • Arranging a celebration party for a 90th birthday.
  • Running and annual community garden party

Find out more

We will always need your help in some way so if you want any more information please contact Jo Guy on  01794 340946