The recreation ground (“The Rec”) provides a football pitch, a pavilion, and a children’s play area for the use of villagers and dependents and other general recreational activities.

It is available for hire, subject to agreement to the usage policy and prior approval by The Council.

Would you like to use the recreation ground?

If you would like to use the rec, please download and complete the form below, and send to the Parish Council.

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Usage Policy

  1. Introduction. The Parish Council has agreed this Policy Statement for the Use of the Recreation Ground, which sets out for the avoidance of doubt the rules and conditions for its use.
  2. General. The Recreation Ground is for the use of villagers and their dependants for recreational purposes. Facilities include a football pitch, a pavilion and a children’s play area.
  3. Children’s Play Area. The children’s play areas may be used at any time, free of charge and without application. Young children should be supervised when using the equipment.
  4. Football Pitch and Pavilion
    1. West Tytherley Football Club (WTFC) has first call on the pavilion and football pitch for its home matches on Sunday mornings during the football season. Any charges are arranged annually before the start of the new season. The football club pays the electricity and water bills for the pavilion and consequently pays no charge per game.
    2. Parishioners wishing to organize a football match may use the pitch free of charge. However, there will be a charge of £15 for use of the pavilion. Bookings should be made to the Parish Clerk.
    3. The Council may allow the pavilion and football pitch to be used by other parties, subject to a charge or donation set at the time.
    4. Should the pavilion be left in an untidy state, the Council will get it cleaned by a professional cleaner and charge the user responsible.
  5. Other Uses. The Recreation Ground may be used for special village events, such as the Annual Church Fête, on application to the Parish Clerk.
  6. Car Parking. The Council may, exceptionally, agree on a case-for-case basis the use of the Recreation Ground as a car park for specific, village events (such as the Church Fête). The Council may also grant permission for its use for parking for other occasions, such as funerals of villagers. However, the Council reserves the right to cancel permission in the case of inclement weather. No parking will be permitted on the Saturdays before a WTFC home game,
  7. Dogs. Dogs are not allowed on the Recreation Ground, except when authorised by the Council. An example would be for the Village Fête.
  8. Application Form. Persons wishing to use the Recreation Ground should apply to the Parish Clerk on the form attached as Appendix 1.
  9. Donations. The Parish Council will determine at the time of the application whether there should be a donation for the use of the Recreation Ground and its facilities.

You can also download the usage policy as a PDF.