Who’s in the Parish Council?

  • Cate Bell (Chairman) 07720 290411 catebell06@gmail.com
  • Jane Larner (Vice-chairman) 01794 341113 jane.larner@talktalk.net
  • Paul Rusby 01794 301310 07785 331770 paul.rusby@cartesian.com
  • Liz Dowding 01794 340384 liz.dowding@gmail.com
  • Mick Goulding mickgoulding@yahoo.co.uk
  • Lucia Homer 01794 341665/07799 561029 luciahomer@outlook.com
  • James Little 01794 342243 j-little3@sky.com

Roles and responsibilities:

Cate Bell, Chairman West Tytherley and Frenchmoor Parish Council

Key responsibilities:

  • Overseeing Parish Council activities
  • Responsible for having superfast broadband put into the village:
    • Currently working with a group of West Tytherley residents and Virgin Media on a project to bring Fibre to Home in West Tytherley.

Jane Larner, Vice- Chair West Tytherley and Frenchmoor Parish Council

Jane represents WTPC on the Neighbourhood Development Plan steering group for West Tytherley and West Dean.

Jane is also the Chair of the village hall committee.

James Little

I have lived in the locality for over 16 years and moved into the village in April 2007, becoming a Parish Councillor in July 2015.

My area of direct responsibility is the West Tytherley Recreation Ground. I am also a Footpath Warden – a role I share with Graham Wright.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have a query relating to either The Rec or our extensive network of village footpaths.

Liz Dowding

Tree wardens for planning decisions.

Liz is also Chair of the village shop committee which is a community asset for the village.

Mick Goulding

Responsible for local planning authority matters, reviewing and reporting on applications for the Parish Council to decide on.

Mick also represents WTPC on the Neighbourhood Development Plan steering group for West Tytherley and West Dean.

Paul Rusby

Paul is responsible for the War Memorial, and is currently working along with Cate Bell to bring Fibre to the Home in West Tytherley.

Lucia Homer

Responsible for Highways, Lucia provides then link between residents and HCC and TVBC.  Lucia helps raise issues with the relevant Council such as: ditch clearing, drain unblocking, road improvements and repairs, flooding and speeding.