King Edward’s Hall Committee – 28th September 2016

Minutes of the meeting held on 28th September 2016

Those present: Jane Larner (chair), Barry Whitlock (treasurer), Jessie Newitt (secretary), Cynthia Sherlock

Apologies: Sam Owen, Donnally Bettis, Anthea Hawkins

  1. Minutes of the last meeting.   Agreed.
  2. Action review.   Actions 1 and 2 carried forward.  Other actions completed.  
  3. Treasurer’s report.   The bank balance currently stands at £17,313.
    1. The risk assessment and asbestos survey have been completed and paid for.
  4. Events and bookings:
    1. 12th November 2016 Moscow Drug Club.  Tickets £18.00 including supper.  
    2. 24th December 2016 Elves and the Shoemaker.  £6.00/£12.00.
    3. 5th March  2017 Morgan and West magicians  (childrens show).  Tickets £5.00 children, £7.00 adults.  Refreshments to be offered for sale.
    4. April 2017 Comedy night
    5. Sept/Oct 2017 Safari Supper
  5. Marketing.  Facebook – carried forward as Sam was unable to attend.
  6. Extension.  New plans are being drawn.
  7. Maintenance.   Jane and Cynthia will conduct a survey of the PTA shed with a view to restoring it.  
  8. School update.   Nothing to report.
  9. Parish Council update:  Nothing to report.
  10. Any Other Business:
    1. Stephen Clarkson has resigned from the committee.  The committee thanked him for his contribution.

Date of next Meeting: no date set.

Summary of actions:

Carried forward:

  1. Sam to create a Facebook page.
  2. Donnally to investigate the possibility of a second evening exercise class.

New actions:

  1. Jane and Cynthia to conduct a survey of the PTA shed.