Saturday 16 June 12:00 – 16:00 at the Recreation Ground

Gazebos needed – please contact Liz Sparrow 342309 if you have one you could lend to a stallholder for the day

All proceeds of the Fete will go to parish community causes and projects.



Does your organisation benefit the local community?

Money raised by the West Tytherley and Frenchmoor Village Fete is available for village groups, facilities and initiatives which are for the benefit of the village community.  As well as for example the church, shop, village hall and school, it includes all other groups who are providing village facilities or benefit.

Now is the time to apply for a grant from the 2017 Village Fete proceeds.

Click West Tytherley Fete funds application v1 1issued to download the Village Fete Funds Grant Application Process and Form – instructions on how to apply are on the form.

Application closing dates: 30 September each year.